Guide for conducting property inspections

Property inspections are more than just allowing access for potential buyers to inspect the property. Conducting inspections involve getting your property ready, picking the right day and time and maintain tenants privacy, if showing rental property. The following guide for... Read more

Selling property by yourself could save you for GOLD

Advertisement and commission are the two main items that cost thousands of dollars when selling property with an agent. You will save thousands when selling property by yourself that could save you to buy a valuable asset like gold. Alternatively... Read more

Soft skills for selling property by yourself

Soft skills are necessary when it comes to selling property by yourself. You need to build trust and confidence for potential buyers while promoting your own property. Everyone have their own style of sales skills. Here are some important soft... Read more

Confident guide for selling property by yourself

Many property owners, builders and developers sell their properties by themselves. One of the main reasons are to save thousands of dollars in real estate agents commission. Some of them simply enjoy the selling process. The simple rule is that,... Read more